How it Works

We know how urgent is the money for you right now.. But before you will get the cash, just spare a few minutes to know about this legit payday loans cash advances system and it’s working. Just two minutes..

Simply, payday loans or cash advances practically meant for the people in urgent cash needs and for the people with bad credit. Here, the amount of loan is small, just between $100 to $1000. There are two major things about payday loans here. These are helpful and also painful. First thing, it is very easy to get. Simply apply online and get the cash directly into your checking account with in an hour on the same day. No faxing of documents, no teletracks.. nothing required.

Yes. you may think how simple and easy is the process of getting a small cash loan online with out any hassle. Yes it may fulfill your emergency and let you out of the spot trouble. You will be free from tension and embarrassment. But all it is cost more than you get, in the form of high interest rate.

Indeed we should thank such a system of legit payday loans or short term loans, as all it solves and makes us free from unexpected financial troubles. It is well known and experienced by the people who faced and felt the mental tension on lacking the money in emergency situations. It’s very embarrassing to ask money help from colleagues, friends and relatives. In that case payday loans are very helpful. So many legitimate loan lenders are there for you to help in need even if you are having poor credit history. Okay.. I will stop it with here and tell you about the application process, fee rates, terms and conditions. After knowing these stuff you can apply for the loan by filling a simple application form and get the cash you requested.


The first thing you need to know on getting legit payday loans or a simple cash advance loan is whether you are eligible to get or not. Just check the below it is..

  1. United States Citizenship
  2. Age above 18 years
  3. Employment with minimum salary $1000 per month
  4. Working Bank Account where the salary is credited
  5. Bad Credit history is not a problem

Availability of Legit Payday Loans

Payday loans are not every where available. Some states restricted the borrowing and lending of payday cash loans in view of state’s economic factors. The below are the listed states where you can get payday loans and where you can not.

Payday Loans Available in States

Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Utah, Tennessee, South Carolina,South Dakota, Rhode Island, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Dakota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Nevada, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Louisiana, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Hawaii, Idaho, Delaware, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Alaska, Alabama.

Payday Loans Not Available in States

District of Columbia, West Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Connecticut.


Payday Loan Fees & Rates

This is very important area you have to pay attention before you proceed for the loan. As told above the interest rates (APR) are high for payday advance loans and also each lender will charge his own rate of interest according to the state’s lending laws. So, you may find the exact fees structure on lender’s website or at direct payday stores near your location.

New rates for payday loans

* This chart is just for illustration and idea about the payday cash loans fee. The interest value may vary with each lender and state according to the lending policies and state’s laws. You need to check the actual rates on the lender’s website where you are going to apply for the online loan. They will clearly mention the rates and fees.

How to Apply

Here is the final step to end your chase. Just click below apply button and the application page will open. It is very simple and just take 2 to 3 minutes to complete the form and submit it. Here you need to select the amount you required, your state’s zip code, enter your current email id, address, SSN number, phone number, Bank account number where your loan amount be deposited etc. This is an SSL encrypted and secured https web page, so your personal data is always safe.

After completing the form, click on submit button and your application is reviewed and get approved if it meets the lender’s policies. The approval process takes only few minutes and a detailed mail of approval will be sent to your email id. The cash will be deposited in your bank account directly as soon as the next business day.

Check twice the repayment date and keep sufficient money in your bank account on the payoff date. If the repay is delayed, the cost of loan is much increased in terms of financial charges like late payment fees, non payment fees, check bounce fees etc. If the payday cash is not re-paid in time, it will become more burden on you and the situation at the time of your loan approach will be repeated, your tensions will get returned to you. So, be prepared for in-time payment before you get the loan. All the details of fee structure is given in fees and rates page. Please go through it and also check the same in lender’s official site and start your application process.



You may get confused on hearing lot of names like Short Term Loans, Bad credit loans, Small loans, Cash advance Loans, Fast Cash Loans, Express Loans, Faxless Loans, Payday Cash Loans, Payday Advance, Easy Loans, Online Cash Loans, Legit payday loans etc etc.. But all these are just synonyms and collectively means to ‘Payday Loans’.